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acezedge asked: Greetings Alisa, I'd like to wish you a wonderful weekend with this compliment: your hair is a flowing nebula of grace and beauty, your gorgeous eyes are galaxies of heavenly allure. Your smile shines like an ocean of stars, alighting all worlds. :)

Ahah thank you for always giving me compliments and taking the time to inbox me

jimmykfk asked: ok, for some reason (destiny I guess) I found your pic in tumblr, girl just one thing need to be said YOU HAVE THE MUST BEAUTIFUL EYES ON THIS EARTH ! and with the black hair, Jesus! you look amazing...well that's all cya round :)



Aha thank you but it’s just bright lighting that does the trick (:

ooh I see now….anyway, I found you very cute where u from? 


acezedge asked: Hey Alisa, I want to ask a couple of things about your pets; how friendly are they to your fam as opposed to complete strangers (to them), and how manageable are they all for you? :o

The dogs love my parents, especially my mom and they’re alright with me but I’m not loved as much haha. One of them dislikes men for whatever reason. My crested gecko is indifferent to others but prefers if I leave her alone, she’s very mellow when I do handle her.
As for my hedgehog, she’s got trust issues and tolerates me but freaks out when anyone else tries to go near her. She also doesn’t seem too fond of men and a few of my female friends are able to handle her so she’s getting better. She’s just extremely shy around most people.